Hokkai-bon-odori: a traditional festival of Hokkaido

“Hokkai-bon-odori”, a traditional festival of Hokkaido, takes place every August. In the festival, visitors can experience the traditional dance of the Hokkai-bon-odori with the traditional song, “Hokkai-bon-uta”. Mikasa is known as the origin of the Hokkai-bon-uta song, and thus these cultural and historical events are designated as part of the Hokkaido heritage.
The highlight of festival is a display of fireworks on the last day of the festival (August 15th). Numerous visitors can dance to the Hokkai-bon-uta song around a large scaffold (10 m in height), and Mikasa comes most alive then!



Days: August 13th to 15th ------- A display of fireworks takes place in August 15th.
Place: Mikasa-chuo Park (near the Mikasa City Hall)

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